Remixing The Sangary Brothers single, ‘Favorite Song’

On October 24 which was this Monday that just passed, I was approached by two of my friends at the end of our music theory class.  They’re twins and happen to be a band as well.  They go under the name of Sangary Brothers and they’re really talented dudes.

Anyways, at the end of our music theory class, some of my other peers, the twins, and I were just talking about random stuff really, but one of the twins threw out the suggestion about me remixing one of their tracks, and I thought about it for a minute and said for sure.  It was very unexpected, but I’m grateful that they even thought about me remixing this very acoustic song that they released earlier in the year.  Funny enough, I was really digging the song that they suggested me to remix over the last week or so.

Here’s the original version


So yeah, when I got the stems that same night, I was thinking of what direction to take the song, and how to make it sound unique.  I’m a fan of remixes when they turn a song into something completely different and unheard of to the point that you can’t even recognize if it’s a remix or a not.  That’s what I wanted to go for at first, but then I realize that the original song has a strong message that shouldn’t be altered.

The following day I ended up spending most of the afternoon just playing around with different ideas, custom sounds, and listening to see what would fit best.  I got a bit stressed, so I ended up taking a break for the night, and returned full force the following day.  The final result was this mix of organic elements blended with the synthetic sounds.  It’s not the first time that I have blended electronic elements with real sounds, but it was the first time that I worked on something much more lighthearted than compared to the darker sounds that i’m accustomed to creating.  It was an experience remixing a song that’s in a completely different genre.

Here’s my remix



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