SoundCloud and Future Releases

For the last two to three days, there’s been rumors surfacing all over the web about SoundCloud getting shut down.  A couple of weeks back, SoundCloud laid off about 40% of their staff out of no where for cost reduction reasons and that’s understandable since they’re not like some big company, but all of a sudden, people that work inside the company have leaked information that SoundCloud is buying themselves time because they have about a few more months to keep running.  I’m not going into much detail since all of the information you need to know about this is in a link above.

What does this mean for the very underground independent artist?  Well this means that if SoundCloud really does get shut down, then all these independent artists have “no where” to post their original music, or DJ mixes.  Of course the independent artist is gonna find a way to release their music somewhere else.

As much as I like SoundCloud, they sort of had it coming in my opinion.  They were amazing about five years ago when the site worked like it was supposed to, but they’ve made some weird decisions over the years like removing groups which was a great feature that allowed you to discover music from small, no name artists or bands.  They also tried to hard to compete with the big streaming services like Spotify, but that ended up dead on arrival because SoundCloud Go was a complete mess.  No one that I know even goes to SoundCloud to listen to regular music.  The only reason you go to SoundCloud is to listen to small artists original music, podcasts and DJ mixes from my personal experience.  There’s other things that don’t make sense, but i’m not going to write this whole post about SoundClouds’ demise.

So what about myself?  Well, I have already started the process of putting the best works that I have on my SoundCloud to streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Play Music to name a few.  On iTunes/Apple Music, I have seen most of my works up on there already so you can check that out during your free time.  I will continue to release music on Soundcloud for the time being as long as Soundcloud is operating.

That’s all I have to say for the time being.

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